• We are proud to be a Kidsafe registered school.  The Kidsafe mission is to 'protect, educate and empower children without shattering their innocence. Our courses are uniquely designed to help children take an active role in deciding how they themselves can recognise and protect themselves from all forms of abuse.'

  • School Council

    Our school council meet twice a month. It is a great opportunity to share exciting ideas for activities or events that children would like to take place as well as giving pupils a voice and empowering them to shape life in Whinstone Primary.

  • Friends of Whinstone

    We organise social and fund raising events for school funds. All parents and members of the local community are welcome. If you would like to join us please come into school to find out more!

  • Sport @ Whinstone

    We are very proud of all of our sporting achievements at Whinstone. Our PE specialist, Miss Stansmore is committed to inspiring every child to have fun and achieve.

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  • Ofsted 2016

    Whinstone has a “calm and purposeful atmosphere in and around school”. Our children “are enthusiastic about their learning” and they “show respect towards each other and teachers”. We have also “built on positive relationships between teachers and pupils that are characterised by hard work and diligence.”

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  • Welcome to Whinstone

    Children get one chance with their education and at Whinstone we want this to be the best. There is a driving determination to ensure that pupils reach their full potential by providing a happy, caring, stimulating and creative environment. We see the education of our children as a partnership between home and school. By working together we hope to give children the chance to develop their talents in an atmosphere which fosters tolerance, independence, good behaviour and, above all, a positive attitude towards learning and a drive for excellence with high achievement.


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Check out some of our new Y6 children signing 'Footprints'
Happy Summer holidays! Children will return to school on Tuesday 5th September
May we wish every one of you a happy and enjoyable summer!
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