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All Admissions to the school are organised via the Local Authority.

In the first instance parents should contact Admissions on 01642 528546

If school is oversubscribed, applicants will be considered in the  order of priority:

1. Pupils who are in care of the Local Authority.

2. Pupils who have a statement of Special Education Needs that names the school.

3. Pupils who have a brother or sister living at the same address and are still at school when the pupil begins.

4. Pupils resident within the Admission zone who have returned a School Admission form by the due date and given the school as their first preference.

5. Pupils who have exceptional reasons for being admitted to the school which would, should the children not be admitted, cause him or her to be seriously disadvantaged or put personal safety at risk.

6. Pupils who live closest to the particular school as decided by the shortest convenient public access route.

Documents to Download:-

Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements


Proposal To Reduce PAN for entry into Reception September 2022


2020 – 2021 School Admissions Policy


2021 – 2022 School Admissions Policy