E Safety Team’s Lesson with Year 1 – 30th June 2016

After weeks of preparation, the E Safety team were excited to be carrying out their planned lesson with our three year 1 classes.  The lesson was the children’s idea.  They organised themselves into three groups with different roles, and made all of the resources for the children to use in the lesson.

Click here to view some photographs of the lesson!

Comments from the team….

Max (Y6)  “Theo in Y1A worked really hard and he was a great helper”

Emily C (Y3)  “Samantha had great handwriting and she worked really hard. The class were good at listening when we were telling the story”.

Leia (Y5)  “They were really good at listening and joining in when we were telling the story”.

Isabelle (Y6)      “Everyone in Mrs William’s class enjoyed the lesson. The children want us to come back and teach them again!”

Sophie (Y5)    “The class were great at listening and had great fun. Chloe and Theo worked really hard on their ‘Smartie’ sheet”.

Logan (Y4)  “I think that Austin and Roman were really paying attention. I enjoyed helping the children because they were listening well”.

Ben (Y5)    “I thought that Lewis did a good piece of writing and listened well to all the instructions that Smartie told him. I liked helping the children with their spellings”.

Megan (Y4)    “I loved that the children were listening and they wanted us to come back. I hope that I could do it again in the future!”

Emily L (Y3)    “I really enjoyed it and I made some new friends”.

Hajra (Y2)    “I loved helping the children. My job was to read the story out to the class. I liked that because I felt like the teacher”.

Lewis (Y2)    “I enjoyed seeing how neat their handwriting was. It was very impressive. I think that the children are clever with e safety as they made good decisions”.

Oliver (Y6)   “I expected it to be quite difficult for the Y1children but they proved me wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed it because helping the Y1s gave me lots of experience”.

George (Y2)    “I really liked helping the Y1 children because they were very funny because they made funny pictures of Smartie. I went to help a girl who was stuck but as soon as I got there, she had an idea!”

Solomon (Y3)     “I like that when we were reading the story, the children were all quiet on the carpet. The children were good at remembering the e safety rules”.

Jack (Y4)    “When I was reading ‘Smartie the Penguin’ to Mrs Todd’s class, they were very quiet, they answered questions, joined in and listened very carefully. I was proud of how good they were at e safety”.


Internet Safety Day, Feb 2016

The whole school took part in numerous E Safety activities throughout the day (week) to celebrate this year’s Internet Safety Day.  We drew some of our own #shareahearts, which can be seen by looking at the Y4 and Y6 gallery pages.  (Click on the purple year group links to view)

We also made a whole school poem on video, written and edited by Mrs Woodley.  It can be viewed below. Please leave a comment on the video to tell the children what you think of it!



E Safety Questionnaire Results

The E Safety team constructed some questionnaires for KS1 and KS2 children to fill in during Internet Safety week.   The team looked through the results of the questionnaires and they made some important observations..

Emily  (Y3Y) “I was surprised that 10% of KS2 children thought that R in SMART stood for rabbit!”


“36% of KS2 children think they know more about internet safety than their mum and dad.  As they are older, I would think that they know more” Isabelle (Y6ST)


George  (Y2M0 “I am surprised that 7% of Y1/2 chose Africa instead of accept for SMART rules”


Solomon (Y3M) “I was surprised that 45% of KS2 children have seen unsuitable things on the internet”


Hajra (Y2H) “I was surprised that 53% of children in Y1 and 2 thought that M in meet stands for Mum”


Jack (Y4W) “I was shocked that 60% of KS2 children use the internet every single day”


Max  (Y6SQ) “16% of KS2 children play online with people they don’t know.  I thought children would be more clever than to play with strangers”


Megan (Y4AC) “I’m astonished at the amount of KS2 children who have been bullied online 14%”


Emily  (Y3S) “I’m shocked that 6% of KS2 children didn’t know who to tell if they were bullied on the internet”


The full PDF’s of the results can be viewed below.

 ques KS1                           ques KS2


Whinstone Funk Video

The E Safety Team decided to change the words to a well known song and make it be about E Safety.  They also had a lot of fun with the camera shooting the video!

The finished video can be viewed below….


The E Safety Team 2015-2016



April 30th, 2015

Today, we discussed the plans for our Esafety music video. We have exciting plans forming!

Click here to learn the words to our song

April 16th, 2015 Meeting

We had our first lunchtime buffet meeting and it was a lot of fun! We had a gorgeous buffet from the kitchen, while deciding what our plans for the future will be!

Posters were made, and plans were laid!

We are also setting up a Whinstone APPreciation Society Box, for people to post information on APPs that they like.  We are hoping to compile a list to be put onto our website.

We are becoming more confident with our ipads!  Click on the ipad below, to download our ipad APP list.   Have fun! (A lot of apps would also work on an phone or ipod too!)