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Read Write Inc.

Here at Whinstone we use the” Read, Write Inc.” Phonics programme written by Ruth Miskin. We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our children learn to read with accuracy and confidence. We believe that the Read, Write Inc. programme will allow us to do this, as well as allowing us to support you in fostering a love of reading in your child that will last a lifetime!

At the core of the programme is the lively and vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics. Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sound-blend words for reading (decoding) at the same time as developing handwriting skills and spelling (encoding). As their confidence in decoding develops they are taught to comprehend and compose ideas for their own writing. The children have the pleasure of reading exciting storybooks perfectly matched to their level – so that they have early success in reading!

All staff at Whinstone have been trained in the delivery of this programme. It is a programme designed for children to complete as soon as possible. It begins in the Foundation Stage and continues into Year 1.

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Read, Write Inc. has 5 underlying principles – the five Ps

  1. PACE – no time is wasted during teaching sessions! Children are active and involved in a fun and creative way. The aim is for the children to complete the programme as quickly as possible.

  2. PRAISE – teachers praise the children constantly throughout the teaching sessions. Children learn more quickly when they are praised for what they do well, rather than nagged for what they do wrong. The children are encouraged to praise each other and as a school we have developed several ‘Praise Phrases’ and ‘Praise actions’! Ask your child to demonstrate!

  3. PURPOSE – each activity has a very clear purpose. The teacher will set this purpose at the beginning of the lesson so that the children know exactly what they will be learning.

  4. PARTICIPATION – all children take part in all parts of the lesson. Full participation is gained through partner work and choral response.

  5. PASSION – as a staff we are passionate about our teaching and the benefits of the Read, Write Inc. programme! We love teaching the sessions and this enthusiasm rubs off onto the children.

Useful RWI resources to download and print off for use at home!

Click to read the order we teach RWI sounds

A helpful mat with the rhymes to help your child remember how to form their letters in RWI

You can download and print off the Read Write Inc word mat.  This would be a great support to encourage your child to write/read at home, following the same pictures that we use in class

Read Write Inc. has a suggested reading list for every year group, from Nursery to Year 6.  Ruth Miskin suggests that children gain a great deal from knowing a short list of stories very well.  This can help them to understand story structure and genres.  We have listed the suggested books (below).  Click on your year group to see the suggested list……


Suggested list for Nursery / Reception (Foundation Stage)

Suggested list for Year 1

Suggested list for Year 2

Suggested list for Year 3

Suggested list for Year 4

Suggested list for Year 5

Suggested list for Year 6