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Bee Keeping



We are at Cambridge services for lunch, having stopped earlier for a drink and snack. The journey has been uneventful, clear roads helping us to make good time. Children and staff very excited and so pleased for air conditioning on the bus. 


We have crossed the Dartford crossing and we are heading down the M20. Traffic was congested over the Thames, but roads are clear again now. We have watched Eddie the Eagle, and we are now at Hogwarts!


We are on time for our Channel Tunnel crossing at 16.20.  Excited children!



We have just arrived in France and are on our last leg of the journey. Hope to be at the centre in about half an hour.


After arrival we went in for dinner. We have unpacked our beach clothes and we’re now on the beach playing in front of a magnificent sunset. All happy!



We have had breakfast; cereal, French stick, orange juice and hot chocolate. A beautiful morning here. We are on our way to Laby’Parc. Tidiest rooms? Bella, Abbie and Ellie for the girls; Aidan, Leo, Ben S and Ben F for the boys!


Great morning at Laby’Parc. Loads of activities and challenges completed. Slush drinks, cold cans and plenty if water in the heat! A picnic lunch at the park will be followed by a short drive to the bee keeping farm. 


A warm afternoon visit to the Bee Farm. We made beeswax candles and learned about the life cycle of bees and how we get honey


Chilling on the beach after another FUN day!!!


Visiting a French farm and getting to feed the animals!!