Whinstone FRENCH

Knowing a foreign language other than your native language is essential in today’s era and at Whinstone we value this skill. French is taught every week by a French specialist whose lessons help the children develop their linguistic skills through fun activities such as paired work, drama, songs and games.

Our French curriculum is coherently planned into the following sequence of topics:

FRENCH Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Greetings Toys Colours, fruits, classroom equipment Easter vocabulary

Farm animals, zoo animals

Classroom instructions

Reading the French version of 2Dr. Zoo”. Traditional French songs and stories.
Year 2 Revision of greetings. Toys, extending Christmas vocabulary.

Colours, food, clothes

Describing colour of our clothes

Easter vocabulary. Traditional French songs and stories. Places in town, Traditional French songs and stories.

Modes of transport.

Traditional French playground games

Year 3 Weather, days of the week, months of the year, French celebrations, continuing to develop phonic knowledge through songs


Months of the year, Extended Christmas vocab, continuing to develop phonic knowledge through songs

Body parts, understanding that French has masculine and feminine nouns and therefore uses two articles ‘le’ and ‘la’, understanding of the plural article ‘les’ Extended Easter vocab. Aches and illness, French grammar with high frequency verb ‘avoir’ with the first singular pronoun ‘J’ai’ in ‘J’ai mal a la tete’ Continuing to develop phonic knowledge through songs Instructions continuing to develop phonic knowledge through songs Instructions, End of year activities (Bastille day, football Euro or World Cup, Olympics) Continuing to develop phonic knowledge through songs
Year 4

Basic greetings; All about me ;

Introducing myself;

Revision numbers 1 to 20; Age; Family Christmas vocabulary and traditions

Understanding that the pronoun ‘my’ has three forms depending if the noun is masculine, feminine and plural

All about me; Pets; Pets and their colours

Using verb ‘être’ and adjectives to describe ourselves. Using two common verbs ‘j’ai’ and ‘je suis’. Understanding that the colour adjective goes after the noun e.g. un chien noir et blanc. Understanding  that adjectives in French have different and recognising the feminine and masculine forms

All about me:

Adjectives to describe ourselves and members of our family and pets using the first form of être ‘je suis’ and the third forms ‘ il est’ and ‘elle est’

Year 5 All About Me


Daily routine and rooms of the house

Schools and education

Comparing French /English

Year 6

Basic greetings; Greeting people using different titles Introducing our self. Feelings. Breakfast food. Grammatical understanding of quantities du, de la and des. Christmas vocabulary and traditions in France. Developing knowledge of etre at the third form (singular/plural) e.g. est/ sont. Developing understanding of agreement of adjectives with the gender of the subject

Various food and drinks

Asking politely for food and drinks

Expressing opinions on food and drinks

Learning about typical food and drinks


Understanding Euros currency

Understanding of different coins and bank notes

Revising numbers 1 to 60

Learning numbers up to hundred, thousands (HA/MA)

Developing knowledge of famous French monuments/ people