At Whinstone Primary School, we believe in the importance of appropriate educational provision for pupils of all abilities, including the most able.  We use differentiation very effectively across year groups to ensure that all children can access a curriculum that inspires and challenges at all levels. Our pupils, whatever their ability, are central to our thinking.

We plan our teaching and learning to provide the opportunity for each child to reach the highest level of personal achievement. We cater for children’s needs and abilities through carefully planned and differentiated tasks and opportunities, and a suitably challenging curriculum, where children can develop higher order skills.

We offer many opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils to develop their skills. These include challenge activities with local secondary schools and across our Trust schools, participation in the Quiz Club team, Spelling Bee, sporting events and competitions. We offer extra-curricular activities to promote dance and sporting activities, singing and music, as well as chess and computing. We also regularly celebrate an abundance of talent at our Friends of Whinstone events (Whinstone’s Got Talent and Whinstonbury).  We strive to change and alter our provision to meet the ever-changing needs of our pupils.


Within school, we identify pupils who show a gift or talent within a certain area. We then encourage participate in activities and events to further develop these skills. If you feel you child has a particular gift or talent that we may not be aware of, and can supported in school, please contact your child’s class teacher to discuss this.