Welcome to Year 6

We have three classes in Y6.  Our teachers are…

Mrs Squires Y6S

Y5/6 Team Leader

Mr Robson Y6R

Mrs Gibson Y6G

Miss Stansmore    PE Teacher

Miss Ambrosini    Music Teacher

Mme Rene    French Teacher

Our teaching assistants are…

Mr Good

Mr Syson

Ms Carter

Mrs Carnall

Mrs Thomas

In Y6, we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of the curriculum.  Our Y6 curriculum is designed to serve the needs of all pupils, using a variety of approaches and stimuli, including visits, visitors, theme days and engaging activities.  We are committed to making learning enjoyable in a safe environment protected from harm.

In Year 6, every pupil studies subjects prescribed by the National Curriculum, exploiting cross-curricular links where appropriate.  The following link details our overview of topics taught.


SCIENCE 1.Evolution & Inheritance 2. Living things and Habitats  3.Animals including humans  4.Light  5.Electricity
HISTORY The British Empire   World War I   World War II  
GEOGRAPHY   Climate zone and the environment   North America and comparing it to UK   Geographical skills and enquiry
ART Colour Form ACADEMY ART PROJECT Pattern Printing Drawing Textiles

Food and nutrition – Making pizzas

Making party hats

Food and nutrition-Smoothies Moving toys Textiles- phone case/pencil case Buzzer Games




Focus on pop / Motown genre




Looking at music from Mediaeval era to the 20th Century and now


Focus on the music of Carole King and her role as a key female composer


Consolidation of everything taught throughout the year


Learn songs for their final show and include the unit on MUSIC AND ME (Charanga scheme)

COMPUTING Online safety- Be discerning Scratch and Maths Spreadsheets SATs revision

SATs revision


Video making
PE OUTDOOR Tag rugby Football Hockey Netball Cricket/ rounders Athletics
PE INDOOR Fitness Basketball



Indoor tennis


RE Rites of passage Gospel stories and the birth of Jesus Expressions of faith through Art: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism How far can the death of Jesus be seen as a victory in Christianity? War and pacifism
PHSE Relationships Health and well-being Living in the wider world

Basic greetings; Greeting people using different titles Introducing our self. Feelings. Breakfast food

Grammatical understanding of quantities du, de la and des

Christmas vocabulary and traditions in France

Developing knowledge of etre at the third form (singular/plural) e.g. est/ sont

Developing understanding of agreement of adjectives with the gender of the subject

Various food and drinks

Asking politely for food and drinks

Expressing opinions on food and drinks

Learning about typical food and drinks



Understanding Euros currency

Understanding of different coins and bank notes

Revising numbers 1 to 60

Learning numbers up to hundred, thousands (HA/MA)

Developing knowledge of famous French monuments/ people


The following links provide subject specific detail for our curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Y6 are becoming experts on using green screen for fun videos.


Monday and Friday


Thursday and Friday


Tuesday and Friday

Dear Parents and Pupils,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Year 6.

You might find it hard to believe that your child is beginning his/her final year at primary school, but we hope that this information gives you some idea about how we work and what your child can look forward to!

Children will also work alongside Mr. Good and continue to be taught French by Madame Rene

For Maths and Literacy lessons, your child may move classes and be taught by another Year 6 teacher. By doing this, we believe that we are able to more closely match the work to your child’s ability and offer him/her greater support and opportunity for challenge. These set groups will be regularly reviewed as the year progresses.

Homework will be set a number of times throughout the week, this must be completed, if for any reason your child is unable to do this a brief note from parents would be appreciated. Please would you sign your child’s homework and add any comments, if appropriate.

We have two PE sessions per week. We have found that it is best for pupils to bring their PE kit to school on Mondays, and take it home for washing on Fridays. In Year 6, we would prefer children to have, as their kit, a white (or house colour) t-shirt and black shorts, we believe this helps in preparation for secondary school.

No mention of Year 6 would be complete without reference to SATs, and this year’s tests will be take place around the middle of May. If you are planning a family holiday around this time, please could you avoid this week! We prepare our children thoroughly for these very important tests, including a “mock” SATs week, usually around January/February. Some children may take extra “booster” sessions in the course of the normal school day – this is all part of preparing them for their national tests.

In the past, we have found that revision study guides (for Example BBC revisewise books, Rising Stars, WH Smith study guides) have been invaluable to Year 6 pupils. If you have not already done so, we would recommend purchasing the three books (English, Maths and Science) for your child. The BBC Revisewise website is also of great value.

More detailed information about SATs will be given to you nearer the time.

We are very much looking forward to working with your child and hope that he/she will enjoy their time in Year 6. We work best when there is an effective partnership with parents.  If you have any concerns, or wish to discuss an aspect of your child’s education, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We are very much looking forward to working with your child and hope that he/she will enjoy their time in Year 6. We work best when there is an effective partnership with parents so, if you have any concerns, or wish to discuss an aspect of your child’s education, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you wish to pass on a message, we have helpful staff on the entrance to Y6 every morning who will be happy to assist you.

Year 6 staff